Pricing is for 96 units.  Standard lead time is 2 Weeks.

The Pelican SKID-MATE is designed to mount directly to pallet bases with a 5/16″ 18 UNC bolt. The SKID-MATE Spacer adds an additional 1 1/8″ to the SKID-MATE cushion, increasing the total height to 4 inches, allowing your pallet-loaded freight to accept most pallet jacks.

The SKID-MATE is an air dampened cushioning device that provides a fast, cost effective and durable customized solution to protect sensitive products from shock and vibration. The SKID-MATE can be easily mounted on a crate or pallet base creating an air-ride cush place of hardwood skid runners eliminating the need for expensive air-ride trucks.

  • with T-nut
  • 45-80 lbs. load range/pad


Additional information

Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 24 in


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